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Punctuated Moment

Shortlisted for AKG Inspried 2014, the piece was a collaboration with visual artist Rachel De La Torre. It attempts to capture the moments of chaos within the process of transition, to allow these tacit catalysts of growth to take centre stage, without the normal constraints of perception.

As a collaboration, we were committed to involving themes that were relevant to both our lives and which we could explore together using our individual skills and resources to realise a new artistic creation. Setting off with the theme of 'Transition', we expanded the term to as many fields as we could imagine. Both of us were struck by ideas of macro transitions that occur in micro moments and vice versa, as well as physical transitions stemming from the states of matter. We began our experimentation with the idea of sugar, something that transitions states physically, as well as exploring its connotations as a metaphor for indulgence throughout life. While filming sugar melting with two cameras at the same angle we stumbled upon the interesting effect of a moment of transition frozen. This punctured moment became the vehicle to discover different aspects of time, in sound and vision, without the constraint of a predetermined product.

We wanted to immerse the audience in an audio/​visual moment that is at once familiar and destabilising. The setup of the screens and design of the installation was inspired by the nuances of change one needs to brace themselves for and embrace in order to evolve - transitions of the internal, overwhelming, all-consuming chaos that happen in an instant. We deployed the use of time slice animation, displayed on four separate screens accompanied by a quadrophonic sound piece sourced from spoken phrases we had developed that defined transition for us. “I remain in a constant state of departure while always arriving” “There is one instant and its is right now and it is eternity” “I can't remember starting I don't know when I will stop” We hoped to offer the audience the chance to experience an abstract representation of the human mind in transition and to perceive these macro changes in the single moments of our lives – profound change occurring within the banal actions such as, stretching, playing with one's hair or looking at a flower.

The success of our collaborative creative process was achieved by openly allowing all possible ideas to be considered, discovering more vivid expression through experimenting and filtering ideas regularly.

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