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The Knot in Every Heart

While on a uni trip to Iceland, I was profoundly inspired by the dramatic landscape and the people's relationship to their environment. It's fierce ocean waters reminded

me of Ireland's west coast and the constant conversation between ocean and land, humankind and time. In a land I had never been in before, I felt a kind of homecoming of my memories of an Irish upbringing.

It's language also holds archaeological connections to Irish language (Gaelic) due the ancient invasions and trade routes between the Vikings and the Celts. In fact, ancient Norse also lends many words to the English language so I used this as a starting point to create a spoken word piece. The percussive rhythms of "knots"

and "thrust" and the semantics of "kindle" and "saga" held their own musicality and deep connotations. Iceland's vistas, history and language became a rich inspiration to explore my own inner landscape.

" .......Ocean, oh mirror of the free man

Thrust your billowed waves upon this rugged run

And ransack the knot in every heart

Until you hit the gift within the fog

And hold aloft the root of your birth......."

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